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Taichido is an accumulation of stuff from practice, discussion, and experience of all aspects of tai chi, chi kung and connected areas, and the wider beliefs and cultures that form an integral part of tai chi.

It contains intellectual and philosphical texts on tai chi, chi kung, Buddhism, Taoism, Tai Ch Ruler, Sword, martial arts, Kyushindo Budo, chi, medical research, Chuan, Yin & Yang, etc. and our own learning products from our commercial site at taichidoshop.co.uk

Taichido is an ongoing project, a mish-mash of ideas and thoughts, never claiming to be 'the' way of tai chi, but always 'a' way.

tai chi netguide
the tai chi netguide
the do tai chi syllabus
DO TAI CHI Syllabus
www.taichidoshop.com - interactive learning media - dvds, dvdroms etc

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