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Form Lists
a comprehensive list of Forms for the Yang, Sun, Lee, Wu, Peking & other styles

Chen Forms: | Chen Old Form | Chen Cannon Fist Form | Chen Competition Form |
| Chen's First Lu | Chen's Second Lu | Chen Simplified Form |

Chen's First Lu

Mark's note: I know very little about this list, even to the point of whether it is actually 'chen' style or something altogether different, so please feel free to enlighten me if you have any information.

The entire content has been lifted from James Marshall's webpages, who in turn has copied his lists from other sources. These sources are quoted in italics first, and then his notes are included as they may be of interest.

Copied from The Dao of Taijiquan, Way to Rejuvenation by Jou, Tsung Hwa, published by Tai Chi Foundation.

This form has simple movements, more softness, and less firmness. Ward off, roll back, press, and push (the four directions) are emphasized, elbow, split, pull down, and shoulder strike (the four corners) are secondary. "For the student, the routine is like a self-teaching encyclopedia of the science of movement, of martial arts techniques, and of qigong." Frequent shifts from vigorous to soft help train transitions between yin and yang. The body leads the hands in this form. The form ends facing the opposite direction it started so it is intended to be performed twice in a row.

1.Beginning of Taiji
2.King Kong Nailed Fist
3.Grasp Sparrow's Tail
4.60% Open and 40% Closed
5.Single Whip
6.King Kong Nailed Fist
7.White Crane Spreads Wings
8.First Side Walk and Twist Step
9.First Conclusion
10.Kick Forward and Twist Step
11.Second Side Walk and Twist Step
12.Second Conclusion
13.Kick Forward and Twist Step
14Hidden Hand Punch
15.King Kong Nailed Fist
16.Chop Opponent with Fist
17.Bending Back and Shoulder Strike
18.Blue Dragon Flies Up from Water
19.Push with Both Hands
20.Three Changes of Palm
21.Fist Under Elbow
22.Upper Arm Rolls
23.Backward and Press Elbow
24.Middle Stage
25.White Crane Spreads Wings
26.Side Walk and Twist Step
27.Fan Through the Back
28.Hidden Hand Punch
29.60% Open and 40% Closed
30.Single Whip
31.Cloud Hands
32.High Pat on Horse
33.Rub Right Foot
34.Rub Left Foot
35.Turn Body and Kick
36.Kick Forward and Twist Step
37.Hit Ground with Fist
38.Jump and Kick Twice
39.Animal Head Posture
40.Hurricane Kick
41.Turn Body and Kick
42.Hidden Hand Punch
43.Samll Grasp and Hit
44.Embrace Head and Push Mountain
45.Three Changes of Palm
46.60% Open and 40% Closed
47.Single Whip
48.Front Posture
49.Back Posture
50.Mustang Ruffling Its Main
51.60% Open and 40% Closed
52.Single Whip
53.Shake Foot Twice
54.Fair Lady Works At Shuttles
55.Grasp Sparrow's Tail
56.60% Open and 40% Closed
57.Single Whip
58.Cloud Hands
59.Sweep Leg and Cross Kick
60.Golden Pheasant Stands on One Leg
61.Upper Arm Rolls
62.Withdraw and Press Elbow
63.Middle Stage
64.White Crane Spreads Wings
65.Side Walk and Twist Step
66.Fan Through the Back
67.Hidden Hand Punch
68.60% Open and 40% Closed
69.Single Whip
70.Cloud Hands
71.High Pat on Horse
72.Cross Hands and Sweep Lotus with One Leg
73.Punch Opponent's Groin
74.White Ape Offers Fruits
75.60% Open and 40% Closed
76.Single Whip
77.Sparrow Ground Dragon
78.Step Up to Form Seven Stars of the Dipper
79.Step Back to Ride Tiger
80.Turn Around and Sweep Lotus
81.Face Opponent Cannon
82.King Kong Nailed Fist
83.Conclusion of Taiji

list from: http://www.astro.umd.edu/~marshall/taichi.html

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