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Form Lists
a comprehensive list of Forms for the Yang, Sun, Lee, Wu, Peking & other styles

Lee Forms: | Lee Form |

Lee Form

1. gather the celestial energy
2.play guitar
3. fair lady weaving
4. crane excersises wings
5. drive tiger away
6. grasp the bird's tail
7. brush knee & side step
8. repulse mokey
9. the stork is aroused
10 double whip
11. the cobra unwinds
12. the wild dog retaliates
13. The tail of the peacock
14. brush knee & side step
15. the edge of the cyclone
16. single whip unleashed
17. double whip
18. the playful dog
19. catching the chickens
20. the archer prepares
21. mount the wild horse
22. flexing of the single whip
23. repulse monkey
24. encompass east & west
25. the dog awakens
26. roll & stretch
27. the five elements
28. double whip
29. wave hands like clouds
30. consoling the north wind
31. the leopard shows its teeth
32. the scissors cut the silk
33. the archer releases his arrow
34. brush knee & side step
35. within the cyclone
36. the wild horse resists
37. the playful monkey
38. the chickens become excited
39. eight strands of the brocade
40. enclose the inner ch'i orbit
41. gather earth's energy
42. finish
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