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The Tai Chi Netguide 
a full and comprehensive online step-by-step guides to the Yang Forms and warm-ups

The Tai Chi Netguide is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to the Long Yang Form of Tai Chi.

The Long Yang form is shown here in 133 moves

by detailed text instructions and accompanying video of each move.




The animations, first shot in 1998 in the early days of Taichido are a good indicator of how the moves should be made, and the text has been re-written in 2007 to our more exacting standards. Taichido acknowledges some flaws in the video clips (including one or two postures which, in the years since have developed beyond the Netguide), and as such this guide should be used with this in mind.


..The instruction guides: .. Stances and warming up
> The Long Yang Form
> common tai chi stances
Basic warm up
Chi Kung warm up
.. Further Practice: .. Indexes and sequences:
> Hints & Tips on Practice
> Progress in Tai Chi Practice
> the Long Yang form within a small space
> Tai Chi Basics 1: Neck/Vertebrae Exercises
> Tai Chi Basics 2: Circular Breathing
> Animated moves index
> Foot Sequences
> Form Lists

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