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The Tai Chi Netguide 
a full and comprehensive online step-by-step guides to the Yang Forms and warm-ups

Basic Warm Up

Gary performing one of the basic warmups These exercises are devised to gently warm and loosen up the body. They also serve (if the mind is put to it) to unblock chi from certain areas of the body.

They are not at all difficult and the areas given attention are those only where major blockages occur. These are neck, shoulders, trunk i.e. 'waist up'. The legs are at first (within this series) 'exercised' by simply maintaining a balanced and firm (rooted) stance. In the concluding stages of this series the lower portions of the body is similarly treated with gentle internal massage and self administered manipulation. But first ... "Attention" and then "Preparation" as follows:

Feet a shoulder width apart - Shoulders relaxed - Palms facing backwards. 'Sink' at knees - Hips 'centered'.
The most common error in basic stance is that the bum/bottom is left 'overhanging' and not within the center of gravity. Imagine: If your body was hollow and a coin or pebble were to be dropped through a small hole at the crown of your head - it would hit the floor between your feet … not half a meter or so behind you!


basic warmup excersise: | one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | finish |















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