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Tai Chi Styles
introductions to other styles and aspects beyond the Yang From

Tessen Workshop


Lantern Festival Celebrations - held Sunday 4th March 2007

During this year's annual Taichido.com/Wheels.net Get Together, as part of the Lantern Festival Celebrations Gary's tai chi master (and Mark's original master) Ray Wood came out of semi-retirement to give a workshop on Tessen, the martial art of the war-fan.

He first explained that the form is actually of Japanese derivation and not, like Tai Chi, from China. Developed originally by the Geishas as a defense weapon, the art was then taken up by Japanese Warlords who used the fan, with the ends of the thirteen ribs sharpened like razors, as an offensive weapon.
It is very hard to describe the class that followed. The first wave of attack from the Fan is as a noise weapon! Upon opening it cracks like thunder. These fans are not your average split bamboo and paper affair. That are about twice the size of the items normally seen and in place of paper its main constituent is sail cloth.

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