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Taoist philosophy, yin and yang, the five elements; and their relationships to tai chi

Extreme Opposites relevant to Yin & Yang


Yin Yang Yin Yang
Female Male Front Back
Receptive Assertive Inside of limbs Outside of limbs
Passive Active Deep Surface
Earth Sky / Air Interior Exterior
Form Space Lower body Upper body
Relaxation Tension Introvert Extrovert
Black White More intellectual More physical
Green Red Right side Left side
Dark Light Chronic Acute
Cold Hot Body Mind
Negative Positive Stomach Head
Damp Dry Sensation Conceptualization
Moon Sun Mother Father
Water Fire Child Parent
Rest Movement Hell Heaven
Soft Hard Nature Technology
Contraction Expansion Down Up
Sinking Rising Roots Branches
Material Immaterial Past Future
Tradition Change Artistic Scientific
Mass Individual Synthesis Analysis
Death Life Yielding Resistance
Inertia Effort Diffusion Focus
Gathering energy Expending energy Spoon Knife
Internal External Night Day
Amorphous Formed Autumn / Winter Spring/Summer
Inclusive Exclusive North South
Supporting Supported Completion Incipience
Containing Bursting Structure Function
Wet Dry Transporting organs Storage organs
Proton Electron Deep pain Superficial pain
Responsive Aggressive Constant pain Intermittent pain
Centripetal Centrifugal Pain does not move Pain moves around
Fruits Grains Parasympathetic Sympathetic
Leafy vegetable Root vegetable



text from Ray Wood (possibly attributed to an an original unknown author)



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