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Other Teachers & Clubs
submitted lists of teachers and clubs from around the world
region: Asia

http://www.contemporarytaichi.com contemporary tai chi classes in Hong Kong
http://www.zhong-ding.com neijiaquan courses in Malaysia. Please see our site www.zhong-ding.com for details.
The International Taoist Tai Chi Society classes worldwide - look for classes under the 'world directory' link
Ziboce Kung Fu Box
Sifu Ziboce offers private Tai Chi lessons to busy visitors of Hong Kong
TaichiThailand Tai Chi Chuan. Meditation - Martial Art - Metaphysical Alchemy. Essential 13 Postures. Chiang Mai, Thailand
Kherliang Healing Arts in Chiang Mai, Thailand Master: Master Joe Kherliang. Email: info@kherliang-healing-arts.com Phone: +66 (0)53 252523, +66 (0)53 226648, +66 (0)1 5942350 Style: Yang Style (81, 42, 24, Fan, Sword)
Chen Tai Chi School of Thailand Teacher - Jack
email: thatjenx@yahoo.co.uk
location: Near Ari Skytrain Station, Bangkok, Thailand.
website: http://www.chentaichithailand.com
description:This is Thailand's FIRST Chen Style Tai Chi School! Supported by our patron, 20th Generation Chen Master LiuYong from China, we aim to provide quality instruction in a relaxed and friendly manner to anyone who wants to learn. Check out the site, drop me a line and come on it - it's alot of fun.
Mr.Vichai Unaprom
email: kammanita@hotmail.com
location: Bangkok Thailand
website: http://
description:tai Chi Shuan 81 form For more detail pls. contact Tel.086-0283809
Private house / Tatsanai Puttasan
email: oayamado00@yahoo.com
location: Chiangmai ,Thailand
website: http://
Changchuntang Club
email: taijiquan@gmail.com
location: Bangkok Thailand
website: http://www.thaitaiji.com
description:Yang style Taijiquan in Tung Ying Jieh lineage. The teaching covers slow and fast set, sword, blade etc.
HERE & NOW Center for Taijiquan
email: taiji@HEREandNOW.be
location: Koh Tao, Gulf of Thailand
website: http://www.HEREandNOW.be
description:Yang Style Taijiquan after Grandmaster William C.C. Chen (disciple of Great Grandmaster Cheng Man Ching). Short Form, Long Form, Sword Form. Taijiqigong 18 Style, 8 Pieces Of Brocade Qigong.
Yangshuo Tai Chi Chuan Health Centre
email: yangshuotaiji@yahoo.com.cn
location: Yangshuo, Guilin, Southern China
website: http://www.southchina-taichi.com
description:Yang Style and Chen Style intensive Tai Chi training. A great opportunity to really learn Tai Chi and in a beautiful place.
Cheng & Don Institute of Martial Arts
email: lonewolfdon@yahoo.com
location: Hong Kong
website: http://www.taken.to/taichi
Zhang Xinhu
email: xinhzhang@hotmail.com
location: Wenxian Henan China ---the birthplace of taichi
website: http://ww.taichichina.com
description:taichi teaching ,group or private teaching available
Julie Hastings
email: julie@morrisassoc.net
location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
website: http://
description:Yang 24, Yang 81, Fan Tai Chi

    Chiang Mai Tai Chi Chuan
email:   liang.xiaochen@gmail.com
location:     Chiang Mai Thailand
website:      http://www.chiangmai-taichichuan.com
description:  Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gong with top teach in Thailand





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