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Other Teachers & Clubs
submitted lists of teachers and clubs from around the world

region: Australia

Hong Kong Tai Chi Association HKTCA instructors in Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, London, Guatemala, Japan, new Zealand, W.Germany
Taoist Tai Chi Society of Australia Listings of Australian branches
The Hun Ging Tai Chi Academy Authentic tai chi lessons throughout Sydney, Australia info@hgtaichi.com.au ACN 35 297 352 359 PO Box K715 Haymarket, Sydney NSW 2000. Phone +61 2 9318 1117
The Sydney Tai Chi School Courses in Sydney, Australia email robtaichi@hotmail.com
Tony Cook Natural Balance Tai Chi Instructs in the Geelong Area, Victoria, Australia. Mobile 0409 146 020

Li Chi Hsiang Tai Chi Chuan
email: lichihsiang@yahoo.com
location: Padstow, Sydney, Australia.
website: http://www.australiantaichi.com
description: max 150 chars.Cheng Man Ching method of Tai Chi Chuan




















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