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Other Teachers & Clubs
submitted lists of teachers and clubs from around the world

region: Canada

Victoria Chen Style Tai Chi - Gordon Muir
email: gord_muir@hotmail.com
location: Victoria, BC, Canada.
website: http://
description:Victoria Chen Style Tai Chi - teaching Chen and Yang tai chi Chen style tai chi ( taijiquan ) and other health-promotion arts, classes, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Hsin-I Tai Chi Institute (Tek Siaw)
email: tek_siaw@yahoo.com
location: Victoria, BC, Canada, and Singapore
website: http://www.hsin-i.com
description:Yang Style T'ai Chi and Push Hands Qi Gong: Eight Brocades Tan Tui (Springy Leg Kung Fu)
Jamie Rolfe - Dong Fang Taijiquan
email: taiji_7thgen@msn.com
location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
website: http://dongfangtaiji.5u.com
description:Traditional Yang Taiji. Full ciriculum: Forms, Sword, Broadsword, spear, Push Hands, Qi Gong. Jamie Rolfe is 7th generation disciple and heir of Yang Taijiquan. Trains under Master Wang Xue Jun, disciple of Lin Mo Gen, disciple of Yang Cheng Fu, son of Yang Jian Hou, son of Yang Lu Chan the creator of Yang Taijiuan.
Tai Chi Studio
email: erle@qigong.org.uk
location: 195A Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 1W7
website: http://www.angelfire.com/mb/taiji/nonflash.html
description:Tai Chi (Sun Style)
sergio arione
email: sergio@yangfamilytaichi.com
website: http://

Canadian Cheng Style Tai Chi Chuan Society
email: taichi.paulyang@yahoo.ca
location: Victoria, BC
website: http://
description: Cheng Man-Ching Style 37 Movement Tai Chi Chuan.











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