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Other Teachers & Clubs
submitted lists of teachers and clubs from around the world

region: Europe (inc. Balkans)

Hong Kong Tai Chi Association HKTCA instructors in Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, London, Guatemala, Japan, new Zealand, W.Germany
Crescendo Tai Chi classes in Belgium
Martin Schmidt taiji teacher in Switzerland taiji, Qigong and Tui Shou in Zurich & Baar ZG - see also www.push-hands.ch
Tai Chi Benchmark Services Tai Chi Studio Koln, Germany. classic Yang style, contact Rupert Shonaike at info@tai-chi-studio.com
Taoist Arts Organisition The TAO have a network of Instructors throughout the UK and Europe providing training in the Lee Family System of martial arts including T'ai Chi.
Dutch Tai Chi Schools information lots of links to Schools in Holland
The International Taoist Tai Chi Society classes worldwide - look for classes under the 'world directory' link
Chinese Boxing Club offers Wudang style Tai Chi Chuan classes and seminars in Belgium and Holland.
Taiji Wushu Club de Grenoble Le Taiji Quan style Chen à Grenoble, France
Paul Read teacher of the Cheng Man Ching style as well as narrow sword. I teach in the coastal strip of the province of Granada in Spain. I can be contacted on teapotmonk@ya.com
Budoka Ibiza Spain,Teachers and instructors for all levels.Taichi chuan Yang style, Chi kung etc.Tel:0034971312068.email:sis_ibz@hotmail.com
Croatian Taiji Centre Helis
Croatian Taiji Centre Helis is offering Yang LuChen and Yang ChengFu TaiChi long forms (www.taijiworld.com) as well as Olympic Taijiquan. We organise www.worldtaichiday.org in Croatia and can be contacted at helistaichi@yahoo.com
Carol Lindsay Rossington
email: carambaross@hotmail.com
location: Torrevieja/Orihuela Costa, Spain
website: http://
description:I incorporate Chi Kung into my Keep Fit classes and also teach Sitting Chi Kung and 18 movement Chi Kung.

Croatian Taiji Centre Helis/Nikolas Maricic - Wolf
email: helistaichi@yahoo.com
location: Croatia and whole world
website: http://www.helistaichi.hr
description:stress Free TaiChi and qigong, Mind Speed reading and traditional therapeutic as well as modern Taiji forms with complete streching and strengthening Program. We do program for all ages, as well as kung fu forms and partner training for traditional martial arts.
Tao's Center/Spiros Peristeris
email: spiros@taos-greece.com
location: Paros Island-Greece
website: http://www.taos-greece.com
description:Tai ji quan, Yang style long form, standard 24 movements form and Dao Yin 21 movements form. Qi Gong and Zazen.
Hong Ying (Tai Sifu Mark Horton)
email: hongyingkungfu@yahoo.com
location: holland , hungary , india , england
website: http://www.kungfu.does.it
description:Yang Tai Chi -traditional family system and Shaolin Choy Li Fut Kung Fu

I Ching Foundation Europe
email: i@i-ching-foundation.eu
location: Greece
website: http://www.i-ching-foundation.eu
description: an Initiative to help the Arts of Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) and Chi Kung (Qigong), as well as the Book of Changes-I Ching (I Ging),
get wider known and applied

Holmes Place health Club
email: dmedvedov@gmail.com
location: Madrid
website: http://
description:  I am offering classes of Tai Chi, Yoga and Chi Kung.
Daniel Medvedov







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