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Other Teachers & Clubs
submitted lists of teachers and clubs from around the world

Submit a Listing

For tai chi teachers, instrcutors and clubs. We get a lot of feedback about these pages, so it is worth listing you/your instructor/your club!


Please note that we do not reply to submissions at all and there may be a delay before you are listed - but we will definitely list all relevant submissions.

Please only submit tai chi/chi kung & related listings. Anything else will not be listed.

This is how your listing will look:

Internal Kung Fu Research Association
email: bingfei2264@yahoo.co.uk
location: Croydon, Surrey
website: http://www.ikfra.com
description: We offer lessons in Chen style Taijiquan ( Feng Zhi Qiang branch),Sun style Baguazhang and Xingyiquan, and Qigong. Telephone : Fei Bing - 07761193889 or Lee Courtman - 07725615399.

Don't forget to include good location information - people want to know where you are!

Do not write in all capitals- it just looks silly and will not be listed.
In the description field, your text will be a single continuous paragraph, so do please not put in any line spaces.

Please do not under any circumstances flesh out your description with:

  • lines (----) or XXXX etc.

  • paragraph spaces/extra lines

  • or any other furntiure to make it look bigger
  • this is so annoying that I am now simply ignoring any submissions with these.


    submit yourself/club/school:

    UK (inc.Eire/Channel Is.)
    Europe (inc. Balkans)
    United States
    South America
    Middle East

    School/instructor name:


    location (brief):

    website (optional):

    brief description of what you are offering:
    max 150 characters. text only






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