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Other Teachers & Clubs
submitted lists of teachers and clubs from around the world

region: UK (inc. Eire & Channel Is.)

http://www.taichifinder.co.uk excellent database of instructors and classes for the UK & Ireland
Tai Chi Union For Great Britain large list of tai chi chuan instructors in the British Isles

Practical Tai Chi Chuan International Look under 'articles & Discussions' for contacts in UK & Europe

Rising Dragon list of UK tai chi instructors who are affiliated to Rising Dragon

Tai Chi UK directory of UK registered instructors with TCUK

Zhong Ding Traditional Martial Arts Ass. Classes listings in UK, Europe & US

Dong Family International Tai Chi tai chi classes in London

Nigel Davers Tai-sul club 18 form Chi Kung Tai Chi Short Form Tai Chi Ball, at Priory Lodge, Clacton on Sea, England tel 01255 815667 for more information

http://www.bristoltaichi.co.uk Lee style tai chi classes in keynsham, Bristol, UK

http\\:toontaichi.moonfruit.com tai chi classes in Newcastle. 24 and 48 step bejing style (Yang) plus others

Cynthia Robinson-Begg teaching tai chi in Morpeth, Northumberland, UK. email Cynthia@robinson-begg.freeserve.co.uk or phone 01670 514326
http://www.bristoltaiji.com The Bristol school of 'Old Yang Style' tai chi, internal kung-fu and healing methods. classes in the Bristol, UK area email info@bristoltaiji.com.

The Bristol School of Tai Chi (UK) Chen Style tai chi hand & weapons forms, pushing hands & martial applications. contact by phone 0117 9493955, email ben_milton@hotmail.com or visit http://bristoltcc.tripod.com
TaiYoga UK Tai chi and yoga workshops, holidays & retreats through TaiYoga UK, based in Bourrnemouth, Dorset UK email courses@taiyoga.co.uk

Simon Robinson: Simon Robinson - Tai chi, bagua, qigong. Beginners to advanced. Twickenham,Richmond, Kingston. E-mail baguasrr@yahoo.com Tel.07813 894 624

Joan Browne (Shaolin Wahnam Institute of Malaysia instructor) teaching Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Kerry. Courses in Internal Force of Tai Chi Chuan will also commence shortly.

Taoist Arts Organisition The TAO have a network of Instructors throughout the UK and Europe providing training in the Lee Family System of martial arts including T'ai Chi.

Internal Arts School of Tai Chi classes in London. Instuctor; Jackie Paesano. Teaching Tai Chi, Qi Gong and self Defence .

Relaxing the Mind teaching in West London, Isleworth which is near Richmond and Hounslow - and also Ealing, Chiswick etc. I also run residential retreats, T'ai-Chi & Meditation, on Holy Island in Scotland and Worth Matravers in Dorset.

East - West Taoist Association
classes in North Yorkshire, UK

24-form tai chi chuan in London
If you wish to learn 24-form Tai Chi Quan and Chines Cuisine in London, contact George Lu at sixwslu2003@yahoo.com.uk or call 0781 0418 234.

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, Bedfordshire (UK)
contact Ranjeet Sokhi on 01767 223165 or ranjeetsokhi@ntlworld.com

a WTBA instructor in the NE of England teaching Yang Lu-chan style Tai Chi in Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland.

Tigi Higgins [Tigi_Higgins@hotmail.com]
Lee Style Tai Chi classes at Wells Leisure Centre Wells Somerset on Tuesdays 2.30 -4pm and Thursdays 7.30 - 9pm Excellent classes for beginners and intermediates Instructors taught directly by Chee Soo

Train with a triple British Gold Medallist for Health, Self-Defence or Meditation Registered Instructor BCCMA and TCUGB Teaching in London, available for film work, 1-1 and small group training. Forms / Weapons / Nei Kung / Chi SauInstructor: Simon Hedley BSc ACA NLP M: 07930 275 223 E: info@psitaichi.co.uk W: www.psitaichi.co.uk

Revitalise Tai Chi We specialise in weekend breaks and retreats in Tai, all over the country(UK) and we cover beginners, intermediates and advanced students. We teach Cheng Man Ch'ing style.
Hong Kong Tai Chi Association HKTCA instructors in Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, London, Guatemala, Japan, new Zealand, W.Germany
Golden Gate T'ai Chi Fife, Scotland. T'ai chi, Chi Kung & Kai Men, weekly classes for Health & Fitness. Tel: 0870 777 6467 E: info@golden-gate-tai-chi.co.uk
Mei Chuan Academy of Tai Chi over10 years we have developed a warm and friendly atmosphere, and helpful, experienced teachers, in our London academy. We teach all aspects of Yang Style Tai Chi to a mixed and good-humoured group of students. Daytime and evening classes throughout London.
Dragon Martial Arts association instructor of Yang style tai chi (including long and short forms, sword forms and Tung's fast form), Dragon style kung fu and Water Boxing (liu he ba fa). based in West Sussex / Surrey in the UK
Padiham Tai Chi group. Jean Thornton. we meet on monday evenings 7.30pm - 9pm, chi kung and also the Lee Form I also take a class at the Unitarian Chapel in Whitefield Manchester.
also Burnley College
Taijii.co.uk.ltd. Classes in London and Kent. James Drew instructor.
Tai Chi Yang Style, Bognor and Chichester. phone 01243 530614 or email Terry beck@funkystar.freeserve.co.uk
Berkshire Tai Chi Set up in 1996, we run various Yang and Chen style classes in Berkshire. Direct transmissions from Grandmaster Chen Xiao-wang. For more details, contact us on 07814 969 540 or visit our website at www.berkshiretaichi.co.uk
Northants Tai Chi Chuan Wudang style Tai Chi Chuan in the Northamptonshire area, and Taoist interest and discussion groups
Chinese Internal Martial Arts Association Classes in Bracknell, Reading, Camberley
Tai Chi Chuan London The Angel Room, Christchurch, The Clock Tower, Highbury Barn, London N1
Steve Clarke
Tai chi instructor in London. email steveclarke56@hotmail.com
Shaolin Gongfu City
London. We offer all sorts of Chinese martial arts tuition: Gongfu, forms, Taichi, Sanshou, etc. email: shaolingongfucity@hotmail.com
United Kingdom Taiji Qigong Foundation
email: info@uktqf.co.uk
location: courses taught throughout the country
website: http://www.uktqf.co.uk
description:We offer courses in Taiji, Qigong, Xingyi, Bagua, and Baji for people of all levels of experience in a friendly welcoming environment.

Cristian Lopez
email: taichilopez@yahoo.co.uk
location: Portsmouth and Southsea
website: http://www.taichilopez.co.uk
description:Yang style Tai chi Chuan Applications , self defence, Yang Cheng Fu style, Qi Gong, silk Reeling,relaxation and good health.
Autumn River Tai Chi
email: jan@AutumnRiverTaiChi.com
location: Glasgow, Scotland
website: http://www.AutumnRiverTaiChi.com
description:A range of classes throughout the Glasgow area. Classes for health, relaxation, spiritual development and practical self defence. Tai Chi Chuan - Cheng Man-Ching style, also Da Liu, Push Hands, Sabre Form, Sword Form and Fencing. Instructor: Jan Kauskas tel: 0141 357 5102 or 07979 276464 A professional, full time instructor who has studied Tai chi since 1987. Various locations in and around Glasgow
Crystal T'ai Chi
email: enquiries@crystaltaichi.co.uk
location: Forest of Dean - Gloucestershire
website: http://www.crystaltaichi.co.uk
description:T'ai Chi and Qi Gong classes designed to be suitable for all ages and abilities from children to less mobile seniors. Specialising in Sun Form, with classes and movements to improve general health and provide stress relief. Authorised instructors for Dr Paul Lam's modified forms for arthritis and diabetes. Local evening classes. Yang, Sword and Fan forms also practiced and taught. Available for workshops, group sessions and talks.
Clear Sky Tai Chi
email: Simon@clearskytaichi.co.uk
location: Brighton, Hove, Seaford
website: http://www.clearskytaichi.co.uk
description:Cheng Man Ching Style hand form, pushing hands and sword, chi gung and health coaching/NLP
Newcastle Tai Chi and "Hand of the Wind" Kung Fu
email: office@lishiarts.org
location: Newcastle, Eldon Leisure Centre
website: http://www.lishiarts.org
description:Call 0113 2446730 or e-mail for further info. Visit our website and click on the pictures to watch video footage.
Weihai Lishi Quanfa
email: office@lishiarts.org
location: Leeds and across Yorkshire, London, Newcastle, Manchester, Burnley, Edinburgh, Leicester and across Derbyshire
website: http://www.lishiarts.org
description:The Daoist (Taoist) Arts of Weihai Lishi Quanfa. The graceful movements are based on breathing techniques and the use of qi energy. This means the movements are soft and fluid but also very powerful, and can have great health benefits. Fast but also slow, light but also heavy, these arts are physically expressive and can be applied in many areas of life.
Gareth Davy (Qi Health & Fitness)
email: qifitness@yahoo.co.uk
location: West Sussex / East Hampshire
website: http://www.qifitness.co.uk
description:Yang style 24-step short form for beginners
The Daolin Centre
email: info@daolin.co.uk
location: Preston, Lancashire
website: http://www.daolin.co.uk
description:The Daolin Centre teaches Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Chen Style Tai Chi and Qigong in a relaxed and natural outdoor environment.
Lesley King - KSOMA - Kings School Of Martial Arts
email: lesley@ksoma.co.uk
location: Peterborugh, Stamford. Market Deeping, Bourne
website: http://www.ksoma.co.uk
description:Traditional Yang Family Long form Taught for health to all abilities
See website or call Lesley on 07931 838570 for more information
Southsea School of Tai Chi
email: taichilopez@yahoo.co.uk
location: Portsmouth
website: http://www.taichilopez.co.uk
description:The average course will consist on breathing exercises, Qi Gong warm-up movements, followed by the Yang Long Form of Tai Chi Chuan. Sifu Cristian Lopez has 20 years experience in Martial arts ,He is a fully qualified Instructor and He is fully Insured. Lessons in various locations.
Wythall Wu Style Tai Chi Club
email: mokgar kungfu@aol.com
location: Woodrush Sports Centre ,Shawhurst Lane,Wythall,Birmingham
website: http://www.kung-fu-south-birmingham.co.uk
description:Full instruction of the Wu Style Tai Chi long form,short competion form,Tai Chi sword forms and Breathing Exercises by a qualified Martial Arts Instructor.
Chard Tai Chi Class
email: BJBurton@educ.somerset.gov.uk
location: Chard Somerset.
website: http://
description:Yang style T'ai Chi and Chi Gung Beginners welcome Teacher: Belinda Burton More info: 01460 63834
Nadine Buttery
email: nadine@wheatgrass2go.ie
location: Limerick, Ireland
website: http://
description:Classes in Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation. Classes for the public are held in University Limerick, Mary Immaculate College, and Castleconell Parish Hall. Special needs also catered for at othere venues.
open hand tai chi
email: beck@funkystar.freeserve.co.uk
location: chichester havant
website: http://:terryangstyletaichi.moonfruit.com/
description:beginner courses in yang style tai chi 25 dtep form
Instructor = Lou Requena
email: lourequena@hotmail.co.uk
location: near Sittingbourne in Kent
website: http://
description:A qualified instructor in Tai Chi Chuan, 24 Short Form Yang Style. Also some Chi Kung and Meditation. I am starting new classes in and around this area, for beginners and improvers, at £6.00 per class, for 1 hour. I teach Tai Chi for Health and welcome all ages to my classes.
tai chi with davidt
email: taichiwithdavidt@hotmail.com
location: Preston area, Lancashire
website: http://
description:Traditional Tai Chi, for relaxation and as an advanced martial art (including Sticking Hands). Yang and Sun Styles. Options of Sword, fan and ball. Previously teacher of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Fitness not required.
Dave Keegan. Bushinkai Academy
email: tai-chi@runbox.com
location: Appley Bridge. North Wigan. Friday nights.
website: http://BushinkaiAcademy.Mysite.orange.co.uk
description:Beginners Modern Yang Style. Qi gung Exercises. Ba Duan Jin training. Zhuan Zhuang.
Dr Tom Hamilton
email: tomhamilton22@hotmail.com
location: south side of glasgow, scotland
website: http://www.wingchun-scotland.co.uk
description:Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu under Master Samuel Kwok's Athletic Association. Chi Kung eight brocade exercises. Sport Psychologist (BASES accreditated)
Abhayamati/Taijiquan School of Central Equilibrium
email: abhayamati@yahoo.co.uk
location: Cambridge Buddhist Centre
website: http://www.cambridgebuddhistcentre.com/bodywork/
description:Ten week courses in Yang style Tai Chi suitable for beginners or those new to our system. Cost of course includes a day workshop. Learn Master Huang's five relaxing exercises, short form, standing postures and push hands.
Isleworth School of T'ai-Chi Ch'uan
email: taichi@relaxingthemind.com
location: Isleworth, West London
website: http://www.relaxingthemind.com
description:Established in 1990 by the principle Sue Weston, The Isleworth School of T'ai-Chi Ch'uan offers Yang style short form beginners' courses, long form for more epxerienced practitioners, push hands, internal energy work, Chi Kung and other aspects of T'ai-Chi. Classes held at St. Johns Centre, St Johns Road, Isleworth, West London. Also residential T'ai-Chi & Meditation Retreats in Dorset and Holy Island, Scotland.
Tai Chi for Life
email: tom.collingridge@tiscali.co.uk
location: Tiverton, Nr Exeter, Devon
website: http://taichi4life.co.uk
description:We teach authentic Chen Style Tai Chi in a friendly and supportive environment, allowing students to explore all aspects of the art.
Instructors Tom Collingridge and Helen Kingdon offer training in Tai Chi forms Laojia (Long Form) and Paocui (Cannon Fist), Pushing Hands, Chi Kung, Straight Sword, Broad Sword, Spear and Kwan Dao
Internal Arts School of tai Chi
email: J_paesano@hotmail.com
location: Newcastle Upon TYne
website: http://
description:Personal Training Tai Chi Short Form, Long Form. Whita Tiger Self defence form. Narrow Sord form. Chi gong healing exercised.
Also Holistic therapies, Thai Massage, Remedial Therapy.
snake qigong
email: raffaeleduran18@hotmail.com
location: oxford
website: http://www.snakestyle.net
description:breathing exercises meditation snake qigong
British Chen Style Tai Chi College Astley
email: tai_chi_hottie@hotmail.com
location: manchester/leigh
website: http://www.taichicollegeastley.bravehost.com
description:private lessons of Chen style Tai Chi. Tai Chi forms include: 74 Lao Jia form (old form), 18 short form, 39 form, Sword form, Sabre form, Cannon fist (er lu ) and Master Sue Johnson's fan form.
Authentic Yang Style Tai Chi Club of Surrey
email: kevin.bryant@yahoo.com
location: Esher, Walton on Thames, Hersham, Shepperton, Wimbledon
website: http://
description:Teacher is a student of Jim Uglow, the premier Yang stylist in Europe. Jim is a Direct student of Mary Yang, daughter of Yang Sau Chung and grand daughter of Yang Cheng Fu. First teacher was Chu Gin Soon, second disciple of Yang Sau Chung. To the best of our ability, we study and practice the original Yang family art.
Chinese Wushu Academy UK
email: chinesewushuacademyuk@hotmail.com
location: London
website: http://www.chinesegongfu.co.uk
description:We offer all types of Chinese Martial arts, including Shaolin Gongfu, Taiji & Qigong, Sanshou, forms, weapons. We also do Shaolin Gongfu performance for the public as well. Contact: 07886281497/07947810338. Tel/Fax: 0208 2796051
simple tai chi & simple family chi - linda hall
email: info@simplemartialarts.com
location: london
website: http://www.simplemartialarts.com
description:simple tai chi is an ancient approach to modern health and wellbeing. simple family chi is a complete program for the whole family to enjoy together.
LEE T'AI CHI / Denise Cunningham
email: ddenise140@aol.com
location: Edinburgh, Scotland
website: http://
description:T'ai Chi Form, Weapons, Sticky Hands, Kaimen and Dao Yin Exercises
Anthony Fidler
email: anthony@easternpeace.co.uk
location: Woking & Guildford in Surrey, UK
website: http://www.easternpeace.co.uk
description:Simplified Yang Style 24. I teach with an emphasis on the health and meditational aspects of Tai Chi.
Jersey Tai Chi Foundation
email: ray@jtcf.org.uk
location: St Clement, Jersey & Vale, Guernsey
website: http://www.jtcf.org.uk
description:Yang Style Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Martial Arts, Stress Management, etc.
West Midlands Tai Chi Ch'uan Association
email: oz3132@aol.com
location: Herefordshire and Worcestershire
website: http://
description:Classes cover all areas of Tai Chi, including application and weapons.
Classes are held at:
Tuesday - Ledbury youth centre - 5-30 till 6-30 (tai chi) 6-30 till 7-30 mixed martial arts Wednesday - Malvern hills College - 5-30 till 6-30 and 7 till 8 Thursdays - Burgage hall. Ledbury 7-30 Thursday - Larruperz centre. Ross 3-30 Friday - Larruperz centre - 7-00 till 8 All clasess are PM. We run a policy of teaching in a light hearted and friendly atmosphere.
Weihai Lishi Quanfa
email: office@lishiarts.org
location: Classes throughout the UK
website: http://www.lishiarts.org
description:The Daoist (Taoist) Arts of Weihai Lishi Quanfa are based on breathing techniques and the use of qi energy. This means the movements are soft and fluid but also very powerful, and can have great health benefits. Fast but also slow, light but also heavy, these arts are physically expressive and can be applied in many areas of life.
Djee Jung Martial Arts Acadamy
email: paul.willies@dsl.pipex.com
location: Aldershot
website: http://
description:Teaching the Yang Forms, 16,24,42 empty hand forms, Tai Chi sword, Pole, we also teach Kung-fu and Kickboxing, the Kung Fu is taught with street awareness and self defence in the fore front.
email: chinesewushuacademyuk@hotmail.com
location: London
website: http://
description:We offer all sorts of Chinese martial arts training, including forms, weapons, Sanshou, Qigong and Taiji.
Contact:chinesewushuacademyuk@hotmail.com 07886281497
Grandmaster Gou Kongjie
email: info@mastergou.co.uk
location: Oxford, UK
website: http://www.mastergou.co.uk
description:Chen style taiji, Sanda, Gong fu, Gong fu kids class, weapons classes
email: chinesewushuacademyuk@hotmail.com
location: LONDON
website: http://
description:Teaching all sorts of Chinese Wushu essences: Shaolin traditional internal Gongfu, Shaolin 18 weapons, Shaolin 72 forms, Taiji internal Gongfu,Qigong etc Performing all sorts of Gongfu and television filmings Answering any Gongfu enquiries
John Buckett
email: taichijohnb@yahoo.co.uk
location: east kent
website: http://
description:chi kung Yang 24 beijing form Yang 108 long form private and classes
Oxford Internal Arts
email: gio@oxfordinternalarts.com
location: Central Oxford (Jericho)
website: http://www.oxinar.com
description:Tai Chi, Qigong, Neigong, Taoist Breathing, Qigong Tui Na
Circle Way
email: PCVButler@hotmail.com
location: North West England
website: http://Circleway.piczo.com
description:Trained by Chinese grand Masters in China and with over twenty five years in the healing field Dr Paul Butler and his new form of holistic health system teaches traditional TaiChi and Qigong as well as all aspects of holistic living and non agressive defense.
West Norfolk Tai Chi Chuan
email: westnorfolktaichi@hotmail.co.uk
location: West Norfolk
website: http://www.west-norfolk-tai-chi.com
description:Yang Style, Bejing, 24 Short Form. Introduction to Pushing Hands and Pair Work. For Health and Fitness. Also Martial Art aspect.
The Devon School Of Tai Chi
email: info@devontaichi.co.uk
location: Devon
website: http://www.devontaichi.co.uk
description:Tai Chi classes, workshops, weekend retreats, holidays, Instructor Training, Foundation Certificate, Online Shop.
Taoist Arts Organisation (T.A.O.)
email: taoistartsorg@hotmail.com
location: Based in Sidcup (Kent), but clubs across UK, France and Germany
website: http://www.lifamilystyle.com
description:Classes in Li Style Family Arts including T'ai Chi Chuan, Feng Shou (Kung Fu), Chi Shu & Shuai Chiao, K'ai Men & Tao Yin respiratory exercises, Weapon Disciplines & Forms. Please check website for further details.
Dan McGiff
email: dan@wutaichi.org
location: Crouch End N8 Bromley, Kent Suffolk
website: http://wutaichi.org
description:Complete sylabus of Traditional Wu Style Tai Chi. All ages and abilities catered for.
Yiheyuan School of Yang Style Tai Chi
email: info@4thcomingevents.co.uk
location: Leeds, West Yorkshire
website: http://www.leedstaichi.co.uk
description:Cheng Man-ching form, Yiheyuan (24 Step) master form, Yang Long Form, Broad Sword, Chi Kung, Pushing Hands, Martial Applications, philosophy & meditation. Stress managment and relaxation courses.
carol muir
email: carol muir135@btopenworld.com
location: The Combat and Exercise Centre, Nuneaton Warwickshire
website: http://
description:Yang Family Style Tai Chi Hatha Yoga Over 50`s yoga and Tai Chi (please note email address soon to change to carolmuir135@tiscali.com)
combat taiji jason redman
email: jason_redman@hotmail.com
location: leeds
website: http://
description:Sun Style Taijiquan. (martial) short and 38 compatition (far jing form) advanced traditional yang form. And simplified 24 step full martial applications to all forms. including farjin (exp osive power) martial aplications and self defence normaly taught 1 to 1. Taiji, Xingyi, Bagua combination style developed by Sun Lu Tang. Suitable for men and women. Informal, friendly classes. Martial push hands advanced aplications & health. All levels and Martial styles welcome. graded by li de yin china, gold and silver medal winner. chief instructor: Jason Redman tel: 0771 2892550 (01-06-1999)
email: qigongpam@msn.com
location: kent
website: http://
description:24 bejing style, shibashi daoyin,t'aichi for arthritis. Mostly day classes. Beginners to advanced
Barney Bardsley
email: barney.bardsley@taichido.com
location: Quaker Meeting House, Street Lane, Leeds, W.Yorks.
website: http://
description:Monday morning class in Chi Kung, 10-11,£5 and T'ai Chi,Yang Style, Long Form,(Beginners) 11.15 - 12.15, £5. Monthly Sunday workshops in Tai Chi, £10.
Yang Style T`ai Chi Chuan
email: kushido_windsor@hotmail.comlocation: Surrey/Hampshire/Berkshire
website: http://www.kushido.co.uk
description:Peking 24. Short Form. Long Form. 5 Elements Form. Chi Sau (Sticking Hands). Tui Shou (Sensing Hands). Chi Kung - Zan Zhuang. Ba Duan Jin.
Tu Minh Tan
email: tu_minhtan@yahoo.co.uk
location: london (Hackney/Islington)
website: http://
description:Yang Tai Ji Quan (48 forms) -Xing Yi (Hebei) _Qi Gong (Wu Xing) Lineage : Li Mat Ngai / Liang Chao Qun
ShiFu Shi DeLon, 31st Generation Shaolin Laymonk
email: shixingfa@ntlworld.com
location: LA Fitness Leeds, London Islington, London Covent Garden, London Dulwich Village
website: http://shaolin.org.uk
description:These classes cover the fundamental essentials of the Old Classic Chen's TaiChi Quan form (LaoJia) & focus on: WuJie - 'emptiness' - the mother of Tai Chi Cultivation of Qi - 'energy' Use of the Heavenly Pillar - Spinal Chord An introduction to the 13 essences of Tai Chi
email: tai-chi@runbox.com
location: Appley Bridge.WN6 9DR
website: http://BushinkaiAcademy.Mysite.Orange.co.uk
description:Modern Yang Style for beginners.Including Ba Duan Jin and Zhan Zhuang.Instructor Dave Keegan. Affiliated to: United Kingdom Budo Federation.Tel: 07950 480891
UKTAICHI Betty Sutherland
email: betty@uktaichi.com
location: Leeds York Tadcaster garforth
website: http://www.uktaichi.com
description:UK Tai Chi is a leading provider of Wudang Tai Chi. Teaching "Chi for Children" to tots, and traditional Tai Chi(Chinese Martial Art) to teens and adults & private clients.Provider of Stress Management & Personal Safety to the NHS & Corporate clients Wudang style
Leeds Tai Chi (Yiheyuan School of Yang Tai Chi)
email: info@4thcomingevents.co.uk
location: Leeds, West Yorkshire
website: http://www.leedstaichi.co.uk
description:Cheng Man-ching form, Yiheyuan (24 Step) master form, Yang Long Form, Broad Sword, Chi Kung, Pushing Hands, Martial Applications, philosophy & meditation.
Nottingham T'ai Chi
email: info@nottinghamtaichi.co.uk
location: Greater Nottingham
website: http://www.nottinghamtaichi.co.uk
description:T'ai Chi and Chi Kung for beginners focusing on health.
London School of T'ai Chi Chuan
email: taichi@gn.apc.org
location:Central London, North London
description:Yang style short form tai chi classes in central London. A range of classes taught in three locations (Soho, Marylebone, Golders Green), by our team of 14 teachers.
Taoist Cultural Arts Association
location:United Kingdom
description:Lee style T'ai Chi as taught by Chee Soo. T'ai Chi form and dance as well as K'ai Men exercises, sticky hands, sword and staff forms and partner exercises. Exactly as taught by Chee Soo. Evening classes, weekend courses and week long courses at Easter and in the Summer in Cornwall.
Internal Kung Fu Research Association
location:Croydon, Surrey
description:We offer lessons in Chen style Taijiquan ( Feng Zhi Qiang branch),Sun style Baguazhang and Xingyiquan, and Qigong. Telephone : Fei Bing - 07761193889 or Lee Courtman - 07725615399.

Cityultimas guide to Tai Chi in London
email: marketing@cityultima.com
location: London
website: http://www.cityultima.com/Tai_Chi
description: Cityultimas guide to Tai Chi in London

Dorset Tai Chi
email: info@dorsettaichi.co.uk
location: Dorset
website: http://www.dorsettaichi.co.uk
description: Weekly classes in Chen and Yang style, Corporate events, Special Needs classes, and Tai Chi for Primary Schools. Retreats.  Member CIAA, TCUGB.  Insured BCCMA.

westyorkshire EWTA
email: markpop@ntlworld.com
location: Dewsbury and Wakefield
website: http://www.westyorkshireewta.co.uk
description: Lee style of tai chi ch\'uan, dao yin breathing exercises, kai men qigong, taoist meditation. See website for classes

Paul Tennet
email: paultennet@hotmail.com
location: Whitley Bay and South Gosfroth (Tyneside)
website: http://www.moifa.co.uk
description: Yang style Tai Chi, Medical Chi Kung,

North East Kung Fu
email: nekungfu@hotmail.co.uk
location: Newcastle, Durham & Sunderland
website: http://www.northeastkungfu.co.uk
description: Teaching kung fu and tai chi throughout the North East of England. Over 20 years experience.

The Rose Li School
email: info@roseli.org
location: Covent Garden, Central London
website: http://www.roseli.org
description: Traditional school of Chinese internal martial arts teaching all aspects of Nei Jia: T\'ai-chi, Pa-kua and Hsing-i.

Borders Tai Chi Club
email: lynww@talktalk.net
location: Brecon and the border area
website: http://
description: Classes for beginners and improvers in Yang Classical Long Form plus push-hands in Hay, Brecon, Llyswen, Llandindrod Wells and other locations.  Tel: 01874754094

Shun Ling Martial Arts Tai Chi
email: shun.ling@ntlworld.com
location: Camberley
website: http://
description: Learn the Yang 9, 14, 24, 36, 48 forms. Sword 16, 32. qigong healing/ relaxation  and self defence  techniques. 1 to 1 or small groups only.

email: julia@badao.co.uk
location: East Finchley and Wood Green London
website: http://www.badao.co.uk
description: We offer Chen and Yang stlye taiji quan, bagua zhang and qigong classes. Julia, the main teacher , is a 4th duanwei holder. She is a member of the BCCMA and has been a head judge for them in their national competitions.

Lou Requena
email: lourequena@hotmail.co.uk
location: Lower Kingswood & Ewell in Surrey
website: http://
description: I teach Tai Chi 24 Short Form Yang Style, Chi Gong & Meditation. I teach Tai Chi for health, well being and relaxation. My classes run for approximately one hour and all ages and all abilities are welcome. I also run Master classes for organisations and groups and one to one sessions are also available. My classes are said to aid relaxation, create balance in emotions and raise one\'s confidence and awareness of one\'s own energy.

Michael Burgess
email: sanbaotaichi@aol.com
location: York
website: http://www.taichiyork.co.uk
description:   Cheng Man Ching Tai Chi.Broadsword. Jian. Staff. Fan. Fast Forms.Da Lu. Push Hands.Applications. Self Defence.Shibashi TaiChiQiGong.Qi Gong. Courses in Crete.

Move2Health (Faradena Afifi)
email:    fara@move2health.co.uk
location:   Cambridgeshire
website:    http://www.move2health.co.uk
description:    Beginners 24 step, Chi Kung and push hands. Adapted classes for people with disabilities or health issues. Classes in St Ives, Cambridge, Linton and Huntingdon

Grey Heron Internal Arts
email:    Mike@grey-heron.com
location:    Cambridge
website:     http://www.grey-heron.com
description:    Chen style T'ai Chi Chuan. Yang 24 step. Push hands, partnerwork, weapons. Beginners and intermediate classes. Adapted classes for people with special health needs or disabilities.

Tai Chi and Chi Kung Forum for Health
email:    admin@tcckf.org.uk
location:    UK wide
website:       http://www.tcckf.org.uk
description:    A UK wide, open to all styles, Tai Chi organistation. We are dedicated to widening the availability of Tai Chi Chuan so that anyone can practise it regardless of age, gender and ability. We run regular teaching and special interest courses throughout the year.

Chenjiagou Taijiquan GB
email:    taichi@shen7.freeserve.co.uk
location:    Manchester & Cheshire
website:     http://www.chentaijigb.co.uk
description:    max 150 chars. Traditional Chen style Taijiquan handforms weapons and push hands.

Bubbling Springs Tai Chi & Qigong
email:   bubblingsprings@hotmail.com
location:   Somerset : based in Burnham on Sea
website:    http://www.bubblingsprings.org.uk
description:    Yang style Tai Chi and Qigong. Beijing 24,108,Sword and Fan Forms  Tai Chi for Arthritis  Chi Power Sports Instructor  Corporate Workshops. Principal Instructor Cheryl Mountford





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