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Other Teachers & Clubs
submitted lists of teachers and clubs from around the world

region: United States

Zhong Ding Traditional Martial Arts Ass. Classes listings in UK, Europe & US
T'ai Chi Chih with Dale Buchanan Offering T'ai Chi Chih classes, workshops, videos, books, and music to the Washington DC area

Northern Chi Martial Arts in Brunswick and Portland, Maine, USA. Tai Chi is taught as part of the Body Energetic class with Chi Kung.
Tai Chi and Alexander technique with Sifu Lana Spraker in the Los Angeles, Santa Monica area, UD email lprzasny@worldnet.att.net
Tiger Mountain Taijiquan Tiger Mountain Taijiquan – Offering Hsiung style Tai Chi and QiGong instruction covering Delaware County and Philadelphia, Pa. Areas (USA). Class times and locations vary. Please contact Stephen Salkof at huephubai@verizon.net for full details.

Taijiquam Tutelage of Palo Alto Yang Chen-fu style in Palo Alto, San Francisco

The Centre for Martial Arts holds health & fitness, tai chi, sword & qigong classes in Upper Darby, Pennyslivania. contact Mike Mascia on 610.361.1484
Bear River T'ai Chi Ch'uan Society, 10 South
200 East, Smithfield, Utah, US 84335. (435) 563-8272. kayorobertson@hotmail.com

Michigantaichi.com Han Hoon Wang teaching in Michigan

Li's Martial Arts wushu and tai chi teacher in New Jersey: Instructor - Li Pei Yun(former Henan Wushu Team member) Location - 475 Hurffville Crosskeys Road, Sewell, NJ 08080 http://www.lipeiyun.com

Classical Yang Tai Chi Yang Family Style Tai Chi Chuan in New York City for health and self defense. 104 West 14th Street, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10010. I may be contacted at 646-698-3375 or RJTaiChi@aol.com. Also learn about the annual World Tai Chi-Qigong Day event in New York's Central Park.

Anne M. Robinson has been teaching Yang style Tai Chi Chuan since 1998 from Modesto Ca. She is a 7 year student of Master Tung Kai Ying. For more information, please call (209)345-6799.

Robert Chuckrow tai chi arts & sciences Trinity Church 7 South Highland Ave. Ossining, NY.

The International Taoist Tai Chi Society classes worldwide - look for classes under the 'world directory' link

STEVE CARALLO [scarallo@optonline.net]
Tai Chi practioner and teacher in Morris county New Jersey. contact scarallo@optonline.net

The Blissfull Living Network
Holistic directory of resources, including tai chi class in the New england & New York areas of the US.

The Tai Chi Network
"The Tai Chi Network is an online community of teachers and students seeking alternative health solutions. " - US
tai chi, chi kung & others in the Maine area of the US.
The Four Winds Academy of Martial Arts
loacated in Independence, Mo. just outside of Kansas City Mo.

Long Yang Form - Sacramento area
a teacher of Tai Chi in the Sacramento California area. I teach the Long Yang form. Contact information is : (916) 419-2211 (Home)

Tai Chi 24-Form - Brooklyn
The Longevity Centre
Tai Chi/Bagua - California. Arnold Tayam, a lineage holder Shifu in Yang and Chen style tai chi, as well as in Bagua Zhang. San Jose/Cupertino (Bay Area, California)
Three Dragons Way Tai Chi Studio
7941 Santa Fe Overland Park KS, 66204 Gary Huff senior teacher Chen Style Taijiquan, Pakua, Qigong. Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei style 913 709-9051

Barkhas Suman [tai_chi_yoga@yahoo.com]
I teach Tai Chi Yang Short Form 24 and Sun Short Form in Eugene.OR USA

The Tai Chi Network is an online community of teachers and students seeking Tai Chi instructors. This online community offers a way to easily connect teachers with students. over 800 listings

Tai Chi For Fitness Gary Carbone, tai chi instructor New Jersey, USA

Chen Style Tai Ji Quan
Bringing the ancient art in its unadulterated form to the West. Ocean Beach San Francisco, CA
Wu Tang Physical Culture Association Second Ave. New York, NY 10003 (212) 533-1751
Ahn Tai Chi Studio East 30th St, New York
Alex Ferrara tai chi chuan instructor in Buenos Aries - teaches in Spanish/English, email alexferrara@fibertel.com.ar
Pacific Light & Power - Internal Martial Arts Schools and workshops in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. Sifu Michael Shaman 30+ years experience. Teaches Indoor Yang Style, Cheng Hsin Tui Shou, San Shou, Wu Qin Xi (5 Animal Frolics), Wuxiang Qigong, Tai Chi Sword & Saber. phone: 415-626-5367 or e-mail plpima@michaelshaman.com
Larry Hawkins. I have just moved into the Washington DC area. I am a Disciple of the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan system as taught by "Eddie" Wu Kwong Yu . I am in the process of opening a school here in the Washington Dc area and am looking for potential students. contact Wdcsiny@aol.com

Taiji Center Chen Style Taiji and Ja Jong Pai Self Defense Program studied here.
Eastern Internal Arts Institute Classes in the Denver and Boulder Colorado areas for Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, Eastern philosophy and Chinese language.
Four Seasons Tai Chi Chuan in Ausitn, Texas
Westwind Tai Chi We offer T'ai Chi classes at our studio. We're located in Salt Lake City, UT. The instructor's name is: Lori Nichol.
Center States T'ai Chi Ch'uan Assoc., 111 E. Gregory Blvd., Kansas City, Missouri 64114, 816-531-0065. Kim Kanzelberger, Director. Cheng Man Ch'ing lineage.
Yang Tai-Chi Chuan, Holland, Michigan. The classes are taught by instructor Tony Danielski with the Yue-Chuan Kung Fu Association. Tony can be reached toll free at 1-877-561-8500
Tai-Chi class at Family Fitness Center also include instruction in a sword form and Chi Kung exercizes. Classes at Evergreen Commons are more senior citizen oriented but you do not have to be a senior citizen to attend. Kung Fu is also taught with an adult class and children's class. Yue-Chuan is similar to Shaolin Long Fist with Crane, Snake and other influences. A specialized women's self-defense class for abduction and rape prevention scheduled on demand. If you have any other question please e-mail me at thebarkingdog@i2k.com
Todd Kuslikis. Yang style Tai Chi in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States. email kuslikistv@yahoo.com
Chen Taijiquan Instructor teach for weapons and push hands based in Dunellen, New Jersey, USA. email: taicjc@yahoo.com
Becky Browne School of Tai Chi located in Joplin, Missouri (central United States) and have been teaching Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong classes for about ten years now. I average 14 - 18 classes a week that I teach, with my primary emphasis on the Senior population.
Chicago Tai Chi Qigong Yang and Chen Style Tai Chi (Taiji). Health and medical Qigong (Chi Kung). Group and private classes.
Gary Carbone Location: northern New Jersey, United States. Styles taught: chen tai chi, tai chi 42, hsing-i chuan, wu tang tai chi sword Email: Gary_Carbone@yahoo.com Phone: 973-664-0414
Internal Gardens School of Classical Tai Chi Chuan
Tai Chi Chuan (taijiquan) school in northern New Jersey (NJ) Sussex County.
Daniel Lee's Martial Arts Academy
teaching the authentic 108-form Yang T'ai Chi Chuan, and to Jeet June Do.
Natural Step Tai Chi and Qigong
Minneapolis. Yang Family Short and Long Form, practice and principles.
Health and happiness workshops with instruction in The 18 stances of Tai Chi Shibashi, The 8 Strands of Brocade, The Tai Chi Dao Yin and Qigong meditation.
Double Dragon Tai Chi Studio
westend of Ottawa. Yang style tai chi as taught by Erle Montague of the WTBA, forms, functions and weapons. Also Baghua.
Spirit Wind Internal Arts Society / Sifu J. Brown
email: TaiChiOne@verizon.net
location: 213 New St. Philadelphia, PA
description:Our main focus at Spirit Wind is the teaching of Traditional Yang Style Tai-Chi Chuan. Our Sifu is a direct student of the Yang Family and believes strongly in the practice and correct understandingof the Yang Style.
dan carrigan
email: countrycookinbookin@hotmail.com
location: united states
website: http://
description:wu style tai chi instructor with qigong background looking for community in temperate climate. will exchange ongoing classes for room, board and stipend.
Wuwei Martial Arts
email: Wuwei@mac.com
location: New York Area
website: http://web.mac.com/wuwei18/WuweiMartialArts/HomePage.html
description:Wuwei Martial Arts will help you devlop a program design to fit your needs. Whether your looking to develop yourself physically, mentally or spiritually we offer aspect of tai-chi including self-defense, strength, flexibility and coordination. Students develop the connfidence to defend against any street situation.
Bob Klein
email: bobklein@movementsofmagic.com
location: Sound Beach, Long Island, N. Y.
website: http://movementsofmagic.com
description:Classes in Tai-chi forms, push hands, chi-gung and self defense, by Bob Klein. Instructional videos/DVD's and the books, Movements of Magic and Movements of Power.
Master Bakari
email: masterbakari@hotmail.com
location: Los Angeles, CA
website: http://
description:Offering tai-chi for health and relaxation, Bagua, Qi Qong, Power Chi Energetics (a combination of tai chi, yoga, and african movements), and Meridian Energetics. 33 years of experience teaching the internal martial arts techniques. Call now for an appointment (626) 676-8630.
Tai Chi Health Club
email: fitnessoklahoma@earthlink.net
location: Oklahoma City, OK
website: http://
description:Six classes meet twice weekly. Mondays through Thursdays. Classes include Qigong and Wu Style Tai Chi. Also offer Eight Pieces of Brocade seminar. 11/2006
Master Randy K. Li
email: wingchuntaiji@gmail.com
location: Kansas, USA
website: http://wingchunusa.com
description:Master Randy K. Li is a 5th generation disciple of Yang Taiji and a 2nd generation disciple of Yip Man Wing Chun. Master Li specializes in combat and the healing aspects of Taiji, Wing Chun and Qigong. Classes offer: 24 and Yang forms, Complete Taiji Sword form to grow "White Light", Anti-Cancer Qigong, Pushing-Hands, Chi-Sao and other weapons. Call:816-590-6820
Centennial Recreation Center
email: maryjudyn@yahoo.com
location: Morgan Hill, CA
website: http://mhcrc.com
description:I am implementing a Tai Chi class on Sundays starting in January. I am seeking a Tai Chi Instructor(s) who would be able to teach the class on Sundays.
The Body Shop / W. Terry Beck
email: bodyshop@finalcom.net
location: Silver Creek, New York
website: http://bodyshopfitnesscenter.biz
description:Terry Beck, student of Maggie Newman, and a T'ai Chi instructor with 30 years of experience, teaches weekly classes at The Body Shop. Beginner 10 week programs, advanced and correction classes offered. Call for dates, etc. 716-934-0066.
Dharma way dojo
email: steven@dharmawaydojo.com
location: Grand Rapids, Mi
website: http://www.dharmawaydojo.com
description:We offer instruction in Yang style tai chi chuan, Old Eight Palm ba gua zhang, and Shorin Ryu Matsumura Sokendo karate, as well as Tcm/ acupuncture, qi gong, and meditation instruction.
Master YeYoung, YeYoung Culture Studies
email: d.yeyoung@sbcglobal.net
location: Sacramento, CA USA
website: http://sactaichi.com
description:Chen family large frame taiji quan transmitted by Chen Zhaokui, Qi Gong, Neidan, I Ching & Fengshui
Shauna LeMay, California Martial Arts Assoc
email: shauna@zenchen.org
location: Folsom area, California
website: http://www.zenchen.org
description:I teach Chen style TaiChi along with Qichung warmups.
location: RTE 94S WARWICK NY
website: http://hudsonvalleytaichi.tripod.com
description:Instructions By Laoshi Joe Petrosi. Offering Yang style T'ai Chi and Inner Dan Arts Qigong. Weapons Taught: Sword, Short Staff, Walking Stick, Spear , and Fan. 1-888-727-6929
Master YeYoung, YeYoung Culture Studies
email: d.yeyoung@sbcglobal.net
location: Sacramento, davis, CA
website: http://literati-tradition.com
description:I teach Chen Family Style Tai Chi, transmitted by Chen Fake and ChenZhaokui, and traitional Qi Gong, Neidan, and Daoyin from a perspective of all aspects of Chinese energy and healing arts.
American Chen Taiji Society/Sifu Wong Wai Yi
email: wongwaiyi@hotmail.com
location: Bay Area: San Francisco, Mountain View, Stanford, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Redwood City, Sunnyvale, San Jose.
website: http://www.chenfamilytaiji.com
description:Chen Taijiquan, Qigong and Silk-reeling Exercises Chen Style Taijiquan is widely acknowledged as the oldest and the ancestor of all the other Taijiquan (Tai Chi) styles. Although it is characterized by low powerful stances, more obvious body coiling movements, stomping, and explosive releases of power that are mostly absent from the practice of other styles of Taijiquan, Chen Style Taijiquan can also be practiced with graceful, slow, and light movements. The martial aspects and health benefits are still preserved and retained within the Chen Taijiquan system.
Branson Tai Chi Association
email: taichi@naturesperfectoil.com
location: Branson, Missouri
website: http://
description:Tuesday & Thursday Evenings from 7-8 P.M.
Master Gohring's Tai Chi & Kung Fu
email: mastergohring@gmail.com
location: Austin, Texas
website: http://mastergohring.com
description:With all the stress and hassle of everyday life in this time you have to take care of your health. That’s why we offer a unique blend of exercise and fitness developed over thousands of ears to attain quick and lasting results. We can show you how to rapidly eradicate stress for a longer healthier life. Then we will teach you how to increase your stamina, lose weight and regain your flexibility. It takes up very little time, and the benefits will pay off for the rest of your life. A life full of improved health and relaxation.
Call or register online for a FREE Black Sash Leadership Lesson and receive a “VIP” coupon worth $100 OFF our Basic Membership Package plus a FREE Uniform
American Chen Taiji Society
email: wongwaiyi@hotmail.com
location: San Francisco/Bay Area
website: http://www.chentaiji.com
description:Beginning Chen Taiji/Qigong classes will introduce: Classes will include the following: Silk-Reeling Exercises (spiral training exercises known as Chan Si Gong) Qigong exercises Eight essential actions (jing) of taijiquan: peng, lu, ji, an, cai, lie, zhou, kao Traditional Chen Family Taijiquan 1st Form (Lao Jia Yi Lu) Traditional Chen Family Taijiquan 2nd Form (Lao Jia Er Lu or "Paochui") Chen style Taijiquan (Xin Jia) 48 Form Chen style Taijiquan (Xin Jia) "24 Cannon Fist" Chen Taiji Weapon sets (sword, broadsword, spear, guan dao) Push-hands (5 levels of Chen Taiji push-hands) Taijiquan principles and applications Training tools (taiji ruler, taiji sphere, pole shaking)
Movements of Energy / Spero Asimos
email: moenergy@sbcglobal.net
location: Auburn, California
website: http://movementsofenergy.com
description:Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes
Traditional Chen Taiji / Master Chin Ging-Loon
email: TraditionalChenTaiji@yahoo.com
location: Palo Alto, Milpitas, San Francisco, San Mateo, Sunnyvale, Burlingame, San Mateo
website: http://www.TraditionalChenTaiji.com
description:Traditional Chen Taiji is a branch school of the Chen Qingchou Martial Arts Association, based in Xulu Village, Henan Province, China (birth place of Tai-Chi). We offers a very complete training system including tai-chi, qigong, empty-hand forms, silk-reeling exercises, push-hand practice, weapon sets, etc for students in all levels.
East West Rehabilitation Institute/ Bill Gallagher
email: Bill@EastWestRehab.com
location: Your home or our office at 88th and Broadway
website: http://www.EastWestRehab.com
description:Bill Gallagher PT, CMT, CYT, has developed a uniquely integrative approach to help people suffering from pain and disability. By integrating the Physical Therapy traditions of the East (Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, Tuina) with cutting edge therapies of the West (Osteopathy, Biofeedback, Myofascial Release), Bill helps his clients maximize function & minimize pain. Through meditation instruction, guided imagery, biofeedback & other disciplines that work with the Mind-Body-Spirit, clients are further empowered to optimize function & comfort while reducing suffering.
Wu Tang Physical Culture Association Tina Zhang
email: tineez@aol.com
location: 9 Second Ave. 3rd Floor New York NY 10003
website: http://wutangpca.com http://earthqigong.com
description:Classical Northern Wu Style Tai Ji Quan, Classical Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang, Traditional Qi Gong
Ancient Harmony Tai Chi School
email: ancientharmonytaichi@gmail.com
location: Denver, Colorado
website: http://www.harmonytaichi.com
description:Yang 24 Posture Short Form, Yang 108, Sun 32 & 73 Competition. Qi Gong, standing & moving. Martial applications and push hands. Liu He Ba Fa will be offered in the near futures.
Dragon Tiger Kung Fu Center/Sifu Dr. Jan Miller
email: DTKFC@optonline.net
location: 298 Maple Ave. Smithtown, New York 11787
website: http://www.DragonTigerKungFuCenter.com
description:Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan
Jeff Barnhart
email: livingwatertaiji@yahoo.com
location: Long Beach, CA
website: http://
description:Chi Kung form "Lingevity Tree Form" Yang form condensed (energy/application)
Independence High School
email: Kim_nguyen89@yahoo.com
location: san jose, CA
website: http://
description:Chinese Club offers Tai Chi Fan Dance, basically we perform for our school and other schools as well. Tai Chi Fan Dance just started this year, so it is a great honor to learn something new.
email: taoist-arts@taoist-arts.com
location: NYC
website: http://taoist-arts.com
description:The Taoist Arts Center, located in New York City is an independent school devoted to the study of the internal healing arts of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Taoist Meditation. Founded in 1990 by director and head instructor Susan Rabinowitz, the Taoist Arts Center is a place where students can learn traditional Taoist Arts in a friendly and cooperative environment. The Taoist Arts Center offers private and group classes and weekend workshops to students at all levels of experience.
Taoist Arts Center, 342 East 9th Street NY NY 10003 (212-477-7055) taoist.arts.com
Roots Of Chinese Culture Research Center
email: ashleyhongkong@yahoo.com (pls. do not include)
location: Chicago (Chinatown), Illonois
website: http://
description:Tai Chi Chuan & Qi Gong. Yang Family tradition taught by 2nd generation disciple of Master Yang Cheng-fu. Over 50 years experience teaching students from over 30 countries. Indivdual and group tuition. Tel: 312 961 6606
Jasmine Dragon Dojo / Tom Lesniewski
email: jasminedragon@neo.rr.com
location: Norwalk, Ohio
website: http://
description:Yang Style Tai Chi, Qigong, Tai Chi for Arthritis
Bending Tree Tai Chi Kung
email: bendingtree@cox.net
location: Hampton Roads/Tidewater Virginia
website: http://www.taichikung.com
description:Day and evening Chi Kung and Tai Chi classes
Knights Academy of Kung fu Chi Qong and Tai Chi
email: joshcdc@hotmail.com
location: bellingham washinton
website: http://
Janet Huo
email: janet_huo@hotmail.com
location: Atlanta GA
website: http://
description:I teach Tai Chi Ch'uan with the 24 movement form and 42 movement form in flexible time. If you want to learn it, just contact me at 404-468-1696
The Avalon Arts Center -- Aikido, Taijiquan, Sword
email: weTuiShou@gmail.com
location: Fair Oaks, California
website: http://
description:T'ai-Chi Ch'uan (Taijiquan, Tai Chi) Tui Shou "Join/ Push Hands", San Shou "Sparring, Free Hands", Cheng Hsin Tui Shou "Effortless Power/ Dynamic Interaction", Gan "Staff/ Pole", Dao "Broadsword/ Sabre", Jian/ Khim "Sword", Ch'i Kung (Qigong), Kung Fu (GongFu), traditional Yang Family style, Master Choy,Kam-Man lineage, Master Cheng,Man-Chin lineage, Peter Ralston Sifu lineage
Jane Golden's Tai Chi and Qigong
email: goldenjane@aol.com
location: Sonoma County , CA
website: http://www.goldenjane.com
description:Jane Golden teaches on-going classes throughout Sonoma County.These 1 1/2 hour sessions include: instruction of slow Tai Chi Chuan,Fast Tai Chi Chuan, and push hands and weapons.All levels are welcome and new students may join at the beginning of each month. With practice, one can expect increased vitality, enhanced serenity, and improvement of balance, posture, circulation and focus.
Salt City Karate / Ken Nichols
email: cnyfengshui@aol.com
location: Syracuse, NY
website: http://
description:Cheng Man Ching Yang Style Form / Tai Chi Straight Sword
Ching Hsin Martial Arts Dojo
email: info@taichistudio.com
location: New York, NY
description:We offer Tai Chi lessons in small class settings. Both long term and short term programs are available
Pai Ying Boxers
email: paiyingboxers@yahoo.com
location: New Jersey
website: http://www.paiyingboxers.com
description:Complete tai chi teaching with application, meditation, strategy and form work. Private sessions throughout NJ and AZ.
Ba'z Tai Chi and Kung Fu School, Laoshi John Chen
location: Roxborough area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
website: http://www.baztaichi.com
description:Internal Training in the Chinese Martial Arts including Yang and Chen Tai Chi, and Qigong. The Wu-Tan lineage comes from the imperial Chinese bodyguards and includes: Baji-chuan, Tai Chi, Pigua Zhang, Tang-Lang, Bagua Zhang and Baji-Chuan. Weapons include staff, saber and straight sword.
Roi El
email: roi_els@yahoo.com
location: New York City
website: http://
description:I offer private lessons in Home, office etc. I teach the Wu style 108 (long) form. I studied under Grand Master Leung Shum - Ying Jow Pai, 1982 - 85. I teach the Qigong, Hand 2 Hand, Street Weapons also
Kathy Brenner
email: kabtaichi@yahoo.com
location: Connecticut
description:Yang 24, 48 & 32 sword Competition 42 & 42 sword Chen 18 Essential,Lao Jia Yi Lu, broadsword & straight sword Sun Tai Chi for Arthritis and Chi Kung for Children programs.
wu li academy
email: seifumax@aol.com
location: 560r plymouth street east bridgewater, ma.
website: http://wuliacademy.com
description:we ofer training in Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Hung Gar Kung Fu. Our focus is on the development of Chi,the internal energy of the body.
Trinity Tai Chi
email: trinitytaichi@yahoo.com
location: Trinity Lutheran Church, Robesonia, PA
website: http://
description: Specializing in Tai Chi for Arthritis/Diabetes by Certified Instructor we also study Yang style short forms, American Tai Chi and Medical QiGong

email: Jeanwelder@hotmail.com
location: Meeker, Colorado, U.S.A.
website: http://
description: max 150 chars.  Jean Welder has been teaching yoga for over 45 years and is at the 500 level in the Yoga Alliance.
She has taught tai chi for many years and has had Dr. Paul Lam as an instructor for tai chi for arthritis.
Her mailing address is: J. Welder Box 482 Meeker, CO. USA 81641. She currently certifies students in Taiyoga.

Clear\'s Tai Chi
email: rclear@ClearsTaiChi.com
location: Maryville, Tennessee
website: http://www.ClearsTaiChi.com
description: Tai Chi & Chi Kung Classes. Website features a Daily Tai Chi Blog.

Taichi Tao Center - Master Waysun Liao
email: webmaster@taichitaocenter.com
location: Oak Park, Illinois (Chicago area)
website: http://www.taichitaocenter.com
description: Traditional and authentic Taichi instruction and Tao wisdom. Master Waysun Liao is the noted author of the books: T\'ai Chi Classics, Chi: Discovering Your Life Energy, Essence of Taichi, and Nine Nights with the Taoist Master. Extensive training on DVDs also available for students worldwide.

Wei Tuo Academy/Jonathan Snowiss
email: info@weituoacademy.com
location: Claremont, Montclair CA
website: http://www.weituoacademy.com
description: Classes in Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Meditation and offer Tui Na and Acupuncture.

Wu Wei Martial Art
email: wuei18@mac.com
location: New York City
website: http://http://web.mac.com/wuwei18/iWeb/WuweiMartialArts/Welcome%20Page.html
description:    Wu Wei Martial Arts combine the various styles of martial art forms with over 2000 years of knowledge to helps to develop the body in many different ways. Main forms are movements that imitate  various actions of animals and nature.   The physical benefits developed from   practicing these movements helps to increases strength, flexibility and coordination while improving the immune, circulatory and nervous systems.
 Wu Wei Martial Arts will help you design the best program suited for your lifestyle.

Sifu David Carr
email: goldenphoenixfoundation@yahoo.com
location: Central Florida
website: http://www.plumblossom.net
description:   Authentic traditional Yang family Tai Chi Chuan as taught directly from Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong. Forms, push hands, weapons, philosophy, culture, history and application of ancient basic principals to today\'s society. Lohan Chi Kung is also available for more advanced students.

Pam Kozan
email: taichi@tds.net
location: Clio, Michigan
website: http://
description: Tai Chi Quan Yang form. Sword short form.QuiGung,Yiquan practice.Started my practice in 1986.

Victoria Roller
email: weavertx@yahoo.com
location: Rockport Texas
website: http://
description: I teach Tai Chi at the Rockport fitness center If there were more then 6 people I will have a class some were eles I also give one on one lessons If anyone is intertesd 361-790-5906 Thanks Victoria

    American Family Martial Arts - Original Yang
email:   henrygardiner@gmail.com
location:     Sacramento (Carmichael), CA
website:      http://www.sacramentotaichi.com
description:  Original Yang Tai Chi and Qi Gong for both health and martial arts.

    Steven Smith
email:   link@realtaiji.com
location:     Salt Lake City Utah
website:      http://stevenrobertsmith.com
description:  My name is Steven Smith. As of March 2008, I am the only World Taiji Boxing Association Certified Instructor in Utah. It's an honor bestowed upon me in October 2007 by Eli Montaigue. I use this honor to gather people in Utah to practice Internal Martial & Healing Arts.

    Real Taiji Quan
email:   link@realtaiji.com
location:     Salt Lake City Utah
website:      http://realtaiji.com
description:  The most articulate, martial movement system that generates fast fitness, health, and healing is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Rooted in the Taiji-Quan and Internal Arts training methods from the World Taiji Boxing Association, Real Taiji Quan teaches reality-based martial arts coupled with philosophical principles of living well.

    Tai Chi Utah
email:   link@taichiutah.org
location:     Salt Lake City Utah
website:      http://taichiutah.org
description:  Our classes are the most sophisticated, fundamental classes in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Tai Chi Utah classes encompass more than any Tai Chi class in the valley. We teach the system of Tai Chi Chuan, not just the form, the World Taiji Boxing Association Way.

    Tiger Mountain Taijiquan
email:   usaveteran@verizon.net
location:     Bensalem, Pa. USA
website:      http://www.geocities.com/huephubai
description:  We've moved! Tiger Mountain Taijiquan is now located in Bensalem, Pa (formally from Delaware County, Pa.) and will soon be offering classes. Email for details.

    Roseville Health & Wellness Club
email:   taichiqigong@rhwc.com
location:     Roseville,Calif.
website:      http://RosevilleHealthandWellness.com
description:  Terrance T.Chang,M.D.is a physician for over 30 years and have taught both the Yang and Chen forms and pushing hands training. Ranked #1 health club, this upscaled club also has indoor heated pool for aquatic tai chi classes.Along with Qi Gong,you will improve balance,flexibility, strength and increase energy and vitality.

    Wudang Tai Chi Of Stamford
email:   luis@gotokickboxing.com
location:     414 West Main St. Stamford CT 06902
website:      http://www.taichistamford.com
description:  We offer classes in: Yang 24 steps Form, Wudang 28 Steps Form, Sabre, Sword, Tai Chi Push Hands and Qi Gong in a friendly atmosfere.

    Dr. Bob Bacher
email:   chenti@mac.com
location:     Miami Hollywood Florida area
website:      http://taichivacations.com
description:  Chen style taichi classes, workshops, private instruction. 40 years, trained in China. All welcome, no prior experience needed. Call 786 488 6128.

    J.M Holz
email:   janden2001@sbcglobal.net
location:     5515 Broadview Road  Parma Ohio
website:      http://teachkarate2u@aol.com
description:   Tai Chi Chuan classes,form, push hands,sword and san shou. Yang Style

    Wuwei Taichi School - Allentown Branch
email:   gravestaichi@yahoo.com
location:     Allentown, New Jersey, USA
website:      http://www.myspace.com/wuweitaichi
description:  Traditional Chen Family Xiaojia Taijiquan.  Allentown Branch of Wuwei Taichi School, headed by David Graves, student of Sifu Wonchull Park who is a disciple of Master Chen Peishan, 20th Generation Successor to Chen Family Taijiquan as well as a member of the Board of Directors of International Society of Chen Taijiquan.




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